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CAHA provides a range of business consulting services related to chemical marketing and technology. The following synopses of select CAHA projects provide examples of the kind of projects that are readily carried out. For more details, click any one of the descriptions below.

A study of a range of co-products potentially derived from the production of biodiesel fuels. The products evaluated include:
  • Fatty Acids
  • Glycerins
  • Fatty Esters
  • Methyl Ester Sulfonates
  • Soap
  • Methyl Ester Ethoxylates
  • Vitamins and other dietary supplements
The products covered include Technology and Production, Producers, Market Size(2000-2010), End Use Markets, Market Structure and Prices.
An extensive evaluation and analysis compiled in a database of fifteen key competitors on the topics outlined below.
  • Company History
  • Company Organization
  • Markets
  • Product Areas
  • Customer Perceptions
  • Cost Structure (Value Chain)
  • Strategy/Intent
  • Financial Statements
  • Logistics (inbound/outbound)
  • Technology
Each competitor profile is updated with new information on a regular basis as the information is gathered through published sources and interviews. The new information is added into the database monthly, though not necessarily for each company each month. Through this ongoing process, all fifteen companies are brought up to date annually.
An extensive evaluation of amphoteric surfactants markets for a new manufacturing facility.
  • Identification of Amphoteric Surfactant Suppliers in North America
  • Assessment of Supply and Demand by Country in North America
  • Assessment of the Importance of Interregional and International Trade
  • Review of General and Technical Developments
  • Description of Market Opportunities and Risks
  • Identification of the Sales Process and Channels of Distributions
  • Estimation of the Price and Range of Production Costs
  • Conclusions and Rationales With Regard to the Feasibility of the Proposed Plant
A study of cetane enhancers for the upgrading of diesel fuel. The study covers the Western United States, specifically the Pacific and Mountain time zones, and British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. The study includes answers to the following questions:
  • Who are the producers of fuel additives now in use (e.g., allyl nitrate)?
  • What are the present and projected volumes?
  • What are the required technical specifications?
  • Present and future pricing? What is the pricing structure?
  • How are the products sold?
  • What is the market dynamics?
  • Is the market accessible to a new producer in Canada?
  • Who are the present buyers and users of cetane enhancers?
This in-depth study of the dynamics of detergent ingredient markets investigated the trends and outlook for builders and bleaching agents. The scope covered each major world region providing:
  • Detergent Volumes by Type
  • Per Capita Usage Forecast to 2015
  • Suppliers and Capacities of Bleaches and Builders
    • Percarbonate
    • Perborate
    • Zeolite
    • STPP
    • Sodium carbonate
    • Sodium silicates
  • Ingredient Demand Forecast to 2015 for the various bleaches and builders
  • Threat Analysis to the Use of Bleaches and Builders
    • Environmental Aspects
    • Legal Aspects
    • Customer Behavior/Preferences by Region
    • Other Threats

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